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Why Eye Exams are Important for All Ages

Why Eye Exams are Important for All Ages

Regular comprehensive eye exams are an extremely important part of maintaining the long term visual and eye health of the entire family. Whether you are 1 year old or 120, having regular eye exams at least once every year is recommended to continually monitor, detect and treat any possible eye conditions that could jeopardize your eyesight, as well as make sure that you are always seeing your best by correcting any nearsightedness or farsightedness that may be present.
One of the most important reasons for your child to have regular eye exams is the extremely important role that vision will play in your child's introduction to the world of education, as well as his or her ongoing success in this realm and in extra-curricular activities. Dr. Michael Toups of Eye Trends in The Woodlands, Texas explains, “The vast majority of our experience of the world comes from our sense of sight. This makes the eyes the main vehicle through which most of us learn. This is especially true of children, which is why it is so important to safeguard this incredibly valuable instrument of education and experience, by making sure to bring your child in to have a comprehensive eye exam at lest once every year. The early detection and treatment of eye conditions like amblyopia and strabismus are another important aim of yearly eye exams for children. Childhood conditions such as these can be easily be successfully treated if caught early on, but become increasingly more complicated if allowed to advance into later childhood.”
Unfortunately adults don't always realize that they, too, need regular eye exams to ensure good long term visual health. Because adults' eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions rarely, if ever, change, many adults believe that comprehensive eye exams are only for their children, and that they no longer need routine check ups to maintain good vision health. Quite to the contrary, in some respects it is even more important for for adults to have their annual check up, since adults, especially those 40 years old and above, are at significantly increased risk of developing sight-threatening conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. Proper routine check ups, with a focus on early detection of these and other potentially harmful eye conditions, should be considered an important part of every adult's health regimen.
At Eye Trends, we use some of the most advanced technologies in the eye care world today to provide incredibly accurate and convenient testing as a part of our comprehensive eye exams for every member of the family. Come see us today to experience what makes Eye Trends the best eye care clinic around!

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