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How Can You Prevent Blue Light from Causing Tired Eyes?

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Ever wonder what blue light is, and why it’s gotten so much attention recently? Visible light is made up of different wavelengths, depending on color, and blue light has a short wavelength with high energy. While the sun is the primary source of blue light, other significant sources include digital screens, fluorescents, LED lights, and flat screen LCD televisions. Overexposure to blue light is associated with symptoms such as eye strain. When emitted by digital devices, it is particularly problematic because of the close proximity of screens to your eyes – and the long periods spent staring at them. Consequently, many people experience tired eyes and the uncomfortable symptoms of what is often called “computer vision syndrome.”

Our eye doctors in Conroe, The Woodlands, Louetta, Greenspoint, Kingwood, and Grand Parkway, Texas,  explain how blue light affects your eyes and share tips on how to protect your vision.

Effects of Blue Light

Almost all blue light you're exposed to passes through your cornea and lens, reaching the retina and possibly aging the eyes prematurely, over time. Short term exposure to blue light, such as from digital screens mentioned above, can also lead to computer vision syndrome – often experienced as tired eyes, eye irritation, and difficulty focusing.

How to Protect Your Peepers

Decreasing your exposure to blue light is the ticket to keeping your eyes safe from computer vision syndrome. Here’s how:

  • Use matte screen filters to block blue light and decrease contrast
  • Limit screen time and take breaks
  • Wear computer glasses with blue light blocking lenses
  • Fit eyeglasses with anti-reflective lenses to reduce glare

Consult Our Eye Doctor

Blue light surrounds us, and even more so nowadays as Covid-19 has kept people homebound, connected to computers constantly. Talk to one of our optometrists near you about different ways to protect your tired eyes and your children’s eyes from computer vision syndrome.

At Eye Trends, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 936-441-3937 or book an appointment online to see one of our Conroe eye doctors.

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