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Eye Exams in Conroe

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We Offer Adult and Children’s Eye Exams

For long-lasting, healthy vision, you need regular eye exams. In fact, everyone needs eye exams – from the youngest members of your family to the most senior, even if there are no vision complaints. You may be tempted to push off visiting your eye doctor until you notice a problem, but that isn’t a smart idea. Many common age-related eye diseases and vision conditions are silent throughout their early stages, and a thorough eye exam by our Conroe optometrist is the only way to detect a problem. This goes for children’s eye exams too, because kids don’t always complain when they can’t see clearly. Typically, children will adapt to what they see – even if their vision is blurry.

Our eye care specialists will evaluate visual acuity, functional vision skills, and ocular health. So no matter how old you are or your health condition, it’s time to schedule an eye exam at our Conroe optometry office.

Our Eye Doctors Focus on Your Vision

At Eye Trends, our highly qualified eye doctors perform thorough eye exams with state-of-the-art optometric equipment and a caring, gentle manner. Every patient is important to us, and we strive to design personalized eye exams in Conroe to meet your unique needs. We consider your age, health, visual expectations, and lifestyle requirements. Our optometrists also stay up to date with the latest medical advances in eye care, so you benefit from our advanced treatments and technologies for adult and children’s eye exam in Conroe.

Why are Routine Eye Exams Essential?

Quality Eye Health for as Long as Possible

Delaying your eye exam puts your vision at risk. Many typical eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy, do not present symptoms until they progress to a late stage. At that point, irreversible vision damage may already have occurred. However, when our eye doctors perform a comprehensive eye exam, we will be able to detect the signs of a problem when it begins. This way, you can receive treatment as soon as possible – and early treatment is the best way to prevent vision loss!

Sharp Vision & Visual Skills

Your body changes as it ages, and so do your eyes. This applies to both adults and children alike. Getting older can lead to a range of vision conditions, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. After age 40, presbyopia (difficulty focusing on close objects) is typical. Our thorough and precise eye exams in Conroe will check visual acuity to verify your accurate vision prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

During a children’s eye exam in Conroe, our eye doctor will assess your child’s entire visual system and skills – in addition to checking visual acuity. This includes much more than reading a basic vision chart of letters and numbers on the wall. Many vision conditions, such as trouble with accommodation (focusing) and lazy eye, can interfere with learning. We pay special attention to uncover the warning signs of these vision problems that can compromise performance in school. Back-to-school eye exams are a great way to prepare your child for classroom learning - don’t forget to book children’s eye exams too!

Check-up of Your Overall Health

Your eyes provide our optometrists with a clear view of your general body health. Particular diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol, can often be detected on inner eye tissues before they cause any other symptoms. When these dangerous health conditions are left untreated, they can damage your eyes and the rest of your body. If we pick up on any signs of a serious health problem during your eye exam, we will refer you to a leading local physician for treatment.

What to Expect During Your Eye Exam in Conroe

Our eye doctor will perform the following procedures:

  1. Preliminary testing of ocular health: we will use a slit lamp to inspect your cornea, lens, and inner eye tissues
  2. Refraction: checks visual acuity to make sure your vision prescription for glasses and contact lenses is accurate
  3. Dilated eye exam: we will insert dilating eye drops to obtain a clearer view of your retinal tissues, optic nerve, and vitreous fluid
  4. Tonometry: this procedure (quick and painless) measures the pressure of your intraocular fluid; elevated numbers are a common sign of glaucoma.

We use advanced technology to perform your eye exam in our Lewis Center office. Our equipment includes OCT scans, Visual Field testing, Corneal Topography/Mapping, Retinal Photography, and Autorefraction.

Once we have all the results from your eye exam or your children’s eye exam in Conroe, we will discuss them with you. If treatment is required, we will review the options together to decide the most appropriate, personalized treatment plan.

You need your vision; why take chances with your eyes? Contact us to book your eye exam at our Conroe office of Eye Trends today.

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