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Contacts & Glasses that Enhance Performance

Specialty Eyewear to Upgrade Your Game & Your Life

Eyeglasses and Contacts to Enhance Performance

Name your game – tennis, football, golf, shooting, or water sports, it doesn’t matter – you need sharp vision to play sharp. And having excellent vision for sports and other activities is not limited to having 20/20 visual acuity. Your eyes need to focus clearly and easily under all atmospheric conditions, as well as see with a wide peripheral view. A range of specialty eyewear is available to match every activity requirement and boost sports performance, and we are proud to offer a complete selection of eyeglasses and contact lenses to match your unique needs in the Houston area.

Safety First

While we are on the topic of specialty eyewear, it is essential to remember that beyond improving your vision, you need to depend upon your eyeglasses and contact lenses for protection. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, more than 42,000 sports-related injuries to the eyes occur annually in the US. Putting on a pair of protective specialty eyewear could have prevented the vast majority of these eye injuries.

Eyeglasses and goggles for sports are constructed from impact-resistant materials that can withstand the hit of a ball whizzing up to 90 miles per hour. Polycarbonate lenses, for example, are significantly more resistant to impact than regular eyeglasses lenses. In addition to many popular, fast-paced land sports, such as racquetball, soccer, baseball, and hockey, our Houston eye doctors also recommend wearing specialty eyewear for paintball and water sports.

Sunny Days & UV Rays

On the days that you plan to play outdoors, you are probably thrilled to see sunny skies overhead. However, as welcome as a clear day is, don’t forget that the sun’s UV rays can also cause negative effects. UV radiation can be dangerous for your eyes, leading to sight-threatening conditions such as macular degeneration, ocular tumors, and cataracts. Another common hazard is photokeratitis, essentially a sunburn on your eye, which can cause lasting damage to your cornea. And of course, when the sun shines bright, sunglasses will also help you see clearly without squinting.

UV rays are most powerful at higher altitudes and when a reflective surface surrounds you, such as snow, ice, or water. That’s why it is critical for skiers and anyone playing outdoor water sports to wear sports sunglasses or tinted safety goggles. We offer a variety of lens treatments to block 100% of the sun’s dangerous rays.

Nowadays, some types of contact lenses also offer protection from UV rays, yet they only cover the middle part of your eye. If you have contact lenses with UV protection, we still advise you to wear sunglasses that cover the tissues surrounding your eyes and eyelids. Wraparound designs are ideal, and hats with an XL brim are also helpful.

Don’t Get Blinded by the Light

Glare can get in the way of your sharp vision, and even a light-colored pavement can cause too much light to reflect into your field of view. One effective way to solve this problem is by wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses. Another option is to add anti-glare features to your eyeglasses lenses. At night, anti-glare specialty eyewear for sports will diminish lens reflections if you are playing under spotlights. We also recommend applying anti-glare to the back surface of your eyeglasses.

Tinted Lenses Add Contrast

Depending upon the lighting and environmental conditions, it can be tricky to see a golf ball resting on a green course, or keep your eye on that flying bird when shooting. Our Houston optical staff is knowledgeable about the best specialty eyewear with tinted lenses for every condition. Tell us your game, and we’ll recommend the right hue to put an edge on your performance. For example, amber eyeglasses lenses can highlight the silhouette of birds flying on an overcast day, and green tints can help golfers keep their eye on the ball.

Contact Lenses for Sports Vision

Even if you regularly wear eyeglasses to correct your vision, you may want to consider wearing contact lenses for certain sports. This convenient method of vision correction can give you a clear and unobstructed view on all sides, no lenses that fog up, no eyeglasses to slip down your sweaty nose.

One of the most popular type of specialty eyewear for sports is soft one-day disposable contact lenses. You don’t need to disinfect or store them; you simply toss them out at the end of each day. These flexible, oxygen-permeable soft lenses are comfortably immediately and throughout an entire day of physical activity.

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