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great business!!

A trip to the eye doctor is typically a mundane event. I have been going to eye trends for years and that has been the case, no negative events or unkind people, but nothing about the trips was memorable. That changed this month when I took my daughter for new glasses. A new team member, Tracy, made our trip so pleasant that we will go back requesting her from now on. She is the epitome of customer service and you feel she truly has your families best interest in mind the entire visit. She skillfully helped me walk a tightrope between our financial constraints and my daughters desire for some "cool", flattering eye where for high school, and when we left I had a bill that I could live with and my girl had glasses she adores. Thank you Tracey for caring for us the way you did. Hang on to this one, eye trends, she is a real keeper and will do wonders for an already great business!!

- Travis G. The Woodlands TX

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