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The Kingwood Eye Doctor

eye doctor in Kinwood, txIn Kingwood, Texas, we are all about trees. Our community is known as the “Livable Forest” and Kingwood was originally part of a large lumber area that was sold to a partnership of Friendswood Development Company (an Exxon subsidiary) and King Ranch. Thus the name Kingwood.

At our Kingwood office, the eye doctors offer you, our valued customer, just about everything you need to maintain your vision: from comprehensive eye exams for all ages, to treatment of ocular diseases. Among the cutting edge eye technology we provide at Eye Trends Kingwood office, is Chroma Gen Testing, which tests for reading problems, including dyslexia. Not only can you expect to find a large variety of eye glass frames at our Eye Trends Kingwood office, but we now offer the latest in sunglasses fasion, including Maui Jim!

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Office Manager

Annette, Doctor's Assistant and Cashier

Brittney, Doctor's Assistant & Cashier

Jessie and Sharon


Lynn, Doctor's Assistant & Lab Technician

Tianna, Optician

Victoria, Doctor's Assistant, Cashier & Lab Technician

Tina, Doctor's Assistant & Optician

Tricia, Doctor's Assistant & Cashier

Victoria & Tianna

Victoria & Tricia

Contact Lens Dispensary - Brittney assisting a patient to insert contacts

 Exam Room - Brittney scribing for Dr. Quelly

Lynn, Lab Technician, edging glasses

Tianna & Tina, Opticians, assisting patients

Annette & Jessica demonstrating testing.

Kingwood Staff

Sharon, Optician, assisting patient with glasses

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We are easily accessible with convenient office hours to best serve our great community. Please call our Kingwood eye doctor or stop by for an eye exam appointment.